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Latest from the Blog


Year 5 having been thoroughly enjoying and impressing the staff in their unit of rugby this half term. They have practiced attacking and defending skills, passing and receiving the ball, carrying the ball and are now working on small games – all adapted for Covid rules.

Year 3 Key Skills

Year 3’s are completing a unit of key skills developing running, jumping and throwing, as well at their Taylor Team Work skills. Today we looked at throwing using the push technique. They had to try to throw the basketball as far as they could and the try to aim for the various targets.

Cultural Link

This week in PE, as part of our fitness unit, Year 4 children learnt how to play a game from China. The Hopping Chicken Game, tests the children’s teamwork and social skills as well as flexibility (stretch) and balance. They had lots of fun testing their ability and challenging other teams.

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